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Category: MEDIA (14 records) Archive: Hays Estate & The Chew Chew Cafe Liquidation - Wednesday January 27, 2016 Auction Starts at 6.00 p.m.

Item Photo Description Price
Season 1-6 of HOUSE on DVD. Season 1 has been opened, the other 5 seasons are still sealed, brand new!

Set of 10 Dream Melodies CD's. Most Beautiful Melodies of Classical Music. Vol. 1 Baroque, Vol. 2 Classical Symphonies, Vol. 3 Concertos, Vol. 4 Romantic Symphonies, Vol. 5 Romantic Concertos, Vol. 6 Piano Music, Vol. 7 Famous Serenades, Vol. 8 Ballet Music, Vol. 9 Opera, Vol. 10 Romantic Strings.

DVD Collection! Includes Season 2 of HOUSE, War Movies WW II Collection of 4 DVD's with 20 movies, set of 6 DVD's from Treasure Box Collection (see photo's for titles).

Nice Large Coffee Table Book. "100 Wonders of the World". Large color pictures! Hardback, 14" x 17 1/2", 240 pages, Copyright 2007. ISBN 978-1-4075-1599-1. Authors: Michael Hoffman & Alexander Krings.

Four 10 disc sets of classical music. First is "Surround Yourself In Classics", Second is "Mozart The Greatest Hits", Third is "Piano The Greatest Hits" and Fourth is "Symphonies The Greatest Hits". Entire collection of 40 CD's!

Popular TV series 24 DVD collection. Includes seasons 6, 7 & 8. Total of 19 discs and 72 episodes plus extra's! Season 7 & 8 have never been opened!

Collection of 14 CD's by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Includes: Rossini, Wagner, Yehudi Menuhin, Prokofiev, Holst, Beethoven, Bizet-Grieg, Bernstein, Cinema Classics, Dvorak, Schubert, Richard Strauss, Stravinsky, Prokofiev-Saint-Saens-Bizet.

40 CD disc collection! 10 disc set of "Beethoven, The Greatest Hits", 10 disc set of "Music for Lovers", 10 disc set "The Classics Discovered", 10 disc set "Gallery of Classical Music". Various artists, see photo's!

Collection of 33 double disc CD's of Classical Music. 66 CD's in all! Artists include: Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Verdi, Otello, Schubert, Mendelsohn, Schumann, Brahms, Tchaikousky and more! See photo's!

Comedy DVD collection! Includes 2 DVD's (9 episodes) of TV Nostalgia, 4 DVD's (40 episodes) of the Best of Jack Benny, 2 DVD's of The Jeff Foxworthy Show (18 episodes, Season 1), 1 DVD of The Blue Collar Comedy Tour, The Movie, 1 DVD of The Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again. Hours of laughter!!!

Action/Adventure/Suspense DVD Collection! Includes 2 DVD's of the DaVinci Code, Gone in 60 Seconds, 2 DVD's of Die Another Day 007 special edition, The Messengers, Hannibal 2 DVD's special edition set and Season 7 of 24 with 24 episodes on 6 DVD's.

Classic and feel good DVD collection! Includes double feature of Lassie and Mr. Ed, Missing in America, Follow The River with bonus CD, Collector's set of 4 Hallmark movies on 2 DVD's and Triple feature movie marathon featuring Elizabeth Taylor movies.

Entire bookcase of books! Bookcase and bookends NOT included! Over 130 mostly hardback books. Includes popular authors, fiction & non-fiction, Reader's Digest Condensed, cookbooks and more! 6 packed shelves!

Vintage record lot! Includes 14 different collections of a variety of music on 33 records. Jack Benny, Christmas, Brahm's, Guy Lombardo, Handel Messiah, Americana, Classical and more. See photo's.