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Phase 2 Relocating To Florida Estate & Retired Dealer! - Tuesday July 10th, 2018 Auction Starts at 7:00 p.m.

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15 T15-1.jpgRare and unique Labradorite Bracelet!  Get it while you can!  This is superior grade Labradorite stones that are hard to find in today's market!  Set in 925 silver, 17.35 grams TW, oval and marquise cut stones, toggle clap, fits up to 8".  The flash in these stones is incredible!  We've had several of our jewelry customers have their jewelry purchases appraised for thousands of dollars. These are real stones! See photo's!

NOTE: This piece of jewelry in this auction is 30 or more years old and has been stored all these years. Most of the pieces are no longer produced and many of the gemstones are rare or hard to find in today's market. The jewelry is made from real gemstones and set in stamped 925 silver and bronze in some cases. Most pieces are rhodium clad to enhance the hardness of the silver. GIA does not recommend sizing rhodium clad jewelry. Be sure the ring is your size or that you can use a ring guard to adjust the ring to your size that will be provided free of charge. This is not costume jewelry. Every stone has been hand set by the jeweler or his ancestors. This is a liquidation of 3 generations of jewelers' private jewelry collections.


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