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Ho Ho Ho! Brand New Items & High End Jewelry! Knock Out That List Here! - Thursday November 30, 2017 Auction Starts at 7:00 p.m.

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6 T6-1.jpgMagnificent Sakota Emerald Necklace with Emerald, Ruby and White Topaz Accents! If a picture paints a thousand words, then WOW is all that is left to say after viewing this remarkable piece of wearable art! This piece can be worn and treasured for a lifetime, and impress every time. 70+ gm TW, .925 silver and yellow bronze. Classic! See photos! 

NOTE: Most of the jewelry in this auction is 30 or more years old and has been stored all these years. Most of the pieces are no longer produced and many of the gemstones are rare or hard to find in today's market. The jewelry is made from real gemstones and set in stamped 925 silver and bronze. Most pieces are rhodium clad to enhance the hardness of the silver. This is not costume jewelry. Every stone has been hand set by the jeweler or his ancestors. This is a liquidation of 3 generations of jewelers' private jewelry collections. Rings can be sized up or down 1 1/2 sizes at your local jeweler or by our jeweler at no cost. All items are guaranteed to be as stated.


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